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Auto Repair Diagnostic Scanner

I have owned and operated Autobahn Imports and repaired cars since 1974 in Eugene, Oregon. Seen the evolution of the automotive industry and the changes made to the cars over the years. I have used MT2500, iSCAN CS2000, iSCAN II and currently using iSCAN II wt. The iSCAN II wt is by far the best scanner among them all and packs a lot of features that makes an Auto Repair Technicians life easy on the job. We primarily repair imported vehicles and the iSCANII wt has helped us successfully deal with some very difficult to diagnose automotive repair problems. iSCAN II wt does cover domestic vehicle diagnostics and comes with all the adopters an Auto Repair technician needs to diagnose and repair up to 40 makes of both domestic and imported popular vehicles.

You may view the scanner in use at Autobahn Imports in the youtube videos we have produced and published to grasp what the scanner is capable of doing.

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