Auto Repair Diagnostic Scanner

It is an understatement to state that every Auto Repair Shop Owner should have an Auto Repair Diagnostics Scanner that nearly does every thing you want it to do. Nothing worse than having to sublet your work to others and lose the revenue for your Auto Repair shop. Add to it, towing, driving time  to get the car to other repair facility, now you also have precious labor time wasted.

Automotive Repair Diagnstic Scanner

Car Repair Diagnostic Scanner is an investment to gain customer trust and also increase your revenue. Your customer expects you to have a scanner that will repair his/her car, rather than having to take his/her car to several facilities to get it working right. The iSCAN II wt is the ideal scanner for the Professional Auto Repair Shop.  The built in features makes it very easy to connect, communicate and repair the cars on the fly. The Scanner uses bluetooth technology to perform diagnostic scan, operate and test on board modules (we locked a customer in his car using the remote bluetooth feature, did not mean to ) erase error codes, reprogram on board modules.

This Automobile scanner can individually test and diagnose body,  engine, transmisson, lighting, intrument panel, ABS, SRS modules. Having an iSCAN II wt at your Automotive Repair shop means peace of mind for you. This scanner will pay for itself and also save your valuable time and will increase your potential income.

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